World Book Day!

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I am so upset that I could not be with you all to see you in your costumes on WBDay. What did you dress up as? What was the best thing about the day? Do you have any ideas about what fun activities we could do next year? http://

18 Responses to “World Book Day!”

  1. jaida2012 Says:

    I dressed up as a Tudor person and the best activity was when we went to year R and year 6 because year 3 got to go to read to year r, and year 6 read to year 3.

  2. antigone2012 Says:

    I was Hermione Grainger from Harry Potter. I liked it when we played with our costumes.

  3. deah2012 Says:

    I liked when we had to draw our favourite character from a book.

  4. renee2012 Says:

    We could act out our character and draw a picture of a the pose. Also we played a fun game where someone had to guess what character you were.

  5. christian2012 Says:

    I was Peter pan with a cool sword and an amazing hat. I had lots of fun. I really enjoyed the acting and my group won.

  6. amira2012 Says:

    I was the Queen of hearts.The best part of the day was doing the activities.Painting.

  7. miriam2012 Says:

    I dressed up as Alice in wonderland.

  8. rocco2012 Says:

    I dressed up as Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.My favourite part was when we wrote our stories. I was sad we could not see your outfit.

  9. patrick2012 Says:

    I was Odlaw from Where’s Wally?. My favourite bit was when we were writing our stories about the thing. Mr Pizzofero could have told us what the thing was, though. I think it was just a rock wrapped in silver wrapping paper and covered in red and blue glitter.

  10. barirah2012 Says:

    I dressed up as Mary Poppins. I had a hat, an umbrella and a black bag. My favourite thing about the day was acting the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (AC scribe).

  11. natalia2012 Says:

    I dressed as Elsa. My favourite thing was when we made a story about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Next year I would like to make a film about the book we are reading. (AC scribe).

  12. anna2012 Says:

    I dressed up as a ballerina and had a light blue headband.

  13. dennis2012 Says:

    I was wearing a spiderman costume. We are so sorry that you missed world book day.

  14. alysha2012 Says:

    I dressed up as Matilda and my favourite part was when I came into class and saw everyone’s costumes.

  15. vishnu2012 Says:

    We could have a Horrid Henry play. I could tell funny jokes.

  16. timilehin2012 Says:

    I dressed up as Jeremy Mathieu(football defender from the big match.)The best thing about the day was the quiz. Next year maybe we could watch a film of the book on the whiteboard. That would be very, very, fun.

  17. michaila2012 Says:

    I dressed up as Elsa from frozen. My favourite part is when I was playing with my friend Ruby who was Matilda. We can play games and have new drawing packs.

  18. jerome2012 Says:

    I was Tom from beastquest.

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