Volcanic Eruptions

Posted by missgreenhall on Thursday Jun 18, 2015 Under Uncategorized

We have done a lot of experiments for our topic lately. Which was your favourite? Are you looking forward to making your own volcano? Why?

7 Responses to “Volcanic Eruptions”

  1. galia21 Says:

    It is really fun. I was surprised Miss Greenhall said that we were going to make are own volcanoes.

  2. benaiah Says:

    My favorite is going to be blowing the volcano up. Because i love blowing stuff up.

  3. miriam9 Says:

    Iam looking forwad to making the eruption.

  4. jessie30 Says:

    I loved all of the experiments but I mostly enjoyed the one with the water. I loved it because it was so amazing when the colers mixed and then if you turned them around they wouldn’t! This is because one of the cups was hot and the other was cold so the hot water was less dense (lighter).I am looking forward to making my volcano and I can’t wait to make it explode! I can’t wait because one of my favourite subjects is art. When I take it home I am going to explode it again and make another volcano that is made differently and I am going to explode both of them one with vinegar first and one with bicarbonate of soda first.

  5. isabella22 Says:

    I have loved are topic so much! It has been so fun. My favourite piece of work is what we’re still doing now, which is we are making a volcano by first cutting a square then sticking a bottle on. Then we’ve been cutting strips on cardbord and sticking it on the bottle. After that we put papier mache on and kept putting layers on it. Then paint it and after that make it explode.

  6. alex17 Says:

    I want to see how big the eruption is. I have done this before at Felix`s party two years ago. We put some mints in a bottle of coke then put the lid on and shook it. The eruption was big and after we got to drink it.

  7. maxwell14 Says:

    Iam looking forward to making our volcanoes erupt

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