Sport’s Day

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How did you find sport’s day? What was your favourite activity?

14 Responses to “Sport’s Day”

  1. curtis16 Says:

    I loved sports day my favourite thing was 400m and high jump!!!

  2. nathan11 Says:

    At sports day my favourite thing was The high jump.

  3. aya12 Says:

    I came in late so I only did the relay race.

  4. paul12 Says:

    I had lots of fun on sports day.

  5. raylee28 Says:

    it was fun.

  6. pedro Says:

    It was really fun and my favourite event was to run around the track.

  7. destani3 Says:

    I had lots of fun.

  8. galia21 Says:

    I found sports day fun and my favourite activity was the egg and spoon race, and the sack race.

  9. william30 Says:

    My favourite one was shot put.

  10. miriam9 Says:

    My favourite event at sports day was the egg and spoon race.

  11. benaiah Says:

    My favourite was the high jump because on my 1st try I jumped over, then on my 2nd try I jumped over but on my 3rd I hit the pole. But i was close to being 2nd or 3rd .

  12. isabella22 Says:

    I loved sports day. It was amazing. It was very fun. I loved in particular 4 events one was the mini marathon, the 3 legged race, the sack race and the semifinal girls race!

  13. jessie30 Says:

    I loved sports day even though I didn’t win anything. I still won lots of things in my house though. I got into the finals and I enjoyed the race to get into the finals. My favourite race was in the finals where everybody was cheering and cheering! I also really liked the long jump.

  14. noah26 Says:

    I LOVED sports day! It was great fun! My 2 favourite events were the high jump (because it’s my favourite sport) and the long jump (because I won. L.O.L). In short it was GREAT!!!!!!!!

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